DXF Cutout Files

Cygnet sinks are suitable for any common fabricator mounting practice. Mounting hardware and paper cutout templates are provided. DXF cutout files are available for download below. The DXF files for stainless sinks have an 1/8″ reveal.  The DXF files for ceramic sinks have a 1/2″ overhang. These files are easily modified to suit your needs.

All Cygnet sink templates have been created insure proper fit every time. Please see disclaimer below. We also provide paper templates for non-CNC users to help speed the cut out process. Please check paper templates carefully to ensure that they are the correct reveal for your job.

DXF Cutout Files Disclaimer

Cygnet provides the following link to download DXF files for all of our sinks in one folder. Stainless sinks have an 1/8″ reveal. Ceramic sinks have a 1/2″ overhang. Due to the difference in CAD/CAM workflow, and fabricator preference, Cygnet cannot accept responsibility for the finished cutout. Please check the files carefully to ensure that the cutout suits your needs.

By downloading these files you certify that you have read the above statement and understand fully.

Download DXF Files